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Are you ready to live a life of radiant purpose, courageous joy and magnetic abundance?

Find Your Passion and Purpose in Life -- Love Yourself First.

When we learn to love ourselves, we make it easy for others to do the same. Let’s build the life of your dreams, filled with flourishing relationships, success at work and abundant prosperity. 

You’re Amazing!

Think of how much you’ve gone through to arrive here today. You’re a resilient, self-sacrificing warrior of a human! You’ve got a great job, kind children, a loving partner… And yet you still feel restless. Unfulfilled.

I’d like to ask you something. When was the last time you took time out of your day just for you? No multitasking, no interruptions – just relaxing, centering and reconnecting with the intuitive goddess within you?

f you answer honestly, I’ll bet it’s been a while. You may not even remember the last time you weren’t rushing around town, making everyone else’s dreams happen but your own. In fact, you wear so many hats – supporting and patient partner, mom who somehow gets it ALL done, dedicated overachieving businesswoman – that you’ve lost sight of You!

The lack of fulfillment, low motivation and emptiness you feel IS NOT your fate. 
The anxiety, depression, stress and lack of direction you feel isn’t a life sentence.

You can heal your life. Better yet – you can create a thriving life of self love, resilient joy and prosperous abundance!

But it all starts with you.
It starts with you choosing happiness. With choosing to allow yourself to receive all the love you deserve. With committing to your path of self-exploration, healing old wounds, and rewriting your story so you can make choices everyday that compound into courageous joy, bold love and heart-guided purpose. 

Are you ready to heal your life?

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What I Offer

I provide workshops and 1:1 coaching to help my clients move beyond excuses to create an intentionally designed life of abundance and radical self love. Both workshops and 1:1 coaching sessions offer invaluable opportunities for you to find your purpose, step into your power and create a life you love. Take a look at each and see what feels right for you!


I love group settings. Holding yourself accountable to self love can feel scary and lonely. Whatever people tell you – loving yourself is not easy! But being in a group with other people going through the same experience can make you feel less alone.

I feel fully empowered in my purpose as I witness my attendees finding purpose, rediscovering their voice, and practicing self love. I leave these workshops humbled and grateful. While I offer guidance and tools in learning how to love yourself, rewriting old stories and helping you find your voice – often I learn just as much from my students as they do from me. 

Ready to inspire yourself (and others!) with your commitment to a life worthy of your compassionate and courageous spirit?

Beginning at $75

Create a life you love! I specialize in workshops that help teach you ways to change your thinking and in turn improve your relationships, finances, health, your appearance, and your life in general!

Check out my available workshops:

♥ Heal Your Life Workshop ♥
♥ Manifesting Abundance Workshop ♥
♥ Vision Board Workshop ♥

…more coming soon!

$120 for initial 90 minute session/$85 per 60 minute session after

It’s easy to say we want a life built on radiant love and joyful purpose. It’s not so easy to live it out. Healing your life requires courageous exploration and humble, compassion-filled accountability. You can read all the books, how-to guides and inspirational quotes you like. But if you don’t apply what you learn, those invaluable insights become like dust in the wind. That’s why I’m here.

In your Self Love Coaching sessions, we will: 

Heal old wounds
Identify and shift limiting beliefs
Rewrite cycles of self sabotage
Find your voice
…and more!

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About Me...

Everyone has a story. And while my story has definitely had its ups and downs – I’m grateful for it all. Because it’s led me here. It’s led me to you and other women like you who’ve lost touch with their voices. Who’ve lost touch with their power and gave up their dreams after years fulfilling everyone else’s expectations. It’s hard to know who you are when all you crave is connection and love. But when we learn to love ourselves, we make it that much easier for those we love to love us freely and wholly.

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