Are you awake?!?

What do you believe????

For weeks now I’ve been trying to get my thoughts together to finally start writing my first post on my blog. This morning I was awakened at 6am and it hit me like a flash of light. Beliefs; that is going to be the focus of my blog. In other words I am going to question many different beliefs that we all have in hopes that you start doing the same and start to generate some positive changes in your life.

Now according to physics what we believe in, to an extent, is what creates our experiences, both as an individual and as a whole. You see most of us respond almost automatically to certain situations and not just respond, but pass judgment almost automatically to said situations. This doesn’t happen out of coincidence, this happens because we have been trained to believe certain things to be true or false. So without questioning if we are indeed right or wrong, our response is generated and we feel confident in our actions simply because we “believe” it to be true. But science, physics, spiritually and metaphysics all tell us that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just because you believe something doesn’t make it true and the idea that you can go around pointing fingers to others and dictate how they should be perceiving life is pretty ludicrous; yet that’s how most of us function.

To be “awake” isn’t some new age propaganda hippie phrase…to be awake is to understand this concept. To be awake means to unlearn, to question, and to research everything that we believe in. To take it one step further…it’s not only our job to question everything but I feel that we must also try to understand why we do what we do. In other words we must try to understand the psychology behind it; but that’s a whole other topic to be discussed in a future post.

So once this is understood, once we question the things we believe in, then and only then will change actually begin to occur in our life. It may not happen overnight (because hello we have been programmed from the moment we were in our mother’s womb) but change without a doubt will be a byproduct of changing your beliefs.

In the following weeks I will begin to share with you some of the things I was taught to believe and the truth I uncovered after doing my own extensive research. I’m not here to debate with anyone so if you don’t agree with me I respect you and your opinion. With that being said, I also strongly suggest that if any doubt arises from within once you read something I write that you go on your own search for truth. Then you can draw your own conclusion from what you personally research. Much love & light!! ❤️.

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