A Self Love Networking Event

Sundays are for self love!  
Come join us Sunday, April 25th at 1pm until 4 pm to meet some amazing holistic practitioners and do some networking.

It’s a Sunday Funday to learn about self love, self care, beauty, connection, family, and things that make life sweet. Come check us out and meet different vendors who will share more about the work that they do and learn how to incorporate different healing modalities into your journey to self love.

Dates – April 25th
Time – 1 pm to 4 pm
Location  – The Art of Love Studio
Address – 1104 N. Parsons Ave. Suite E Brandon, FL 33510

Meet the Vendors

VLove_Life_Coaching_Heal_Life_Broken_Heart_Affirmations_Florida_ Brandon_Tampa_Manifesting_Vision_Board (4)

Vanessa Montes the organizer and creator of this event. CEO and founder of V Love Inc. She is a certified Integrative and Wellness Life Coach as well as a Heal Your Life Workshop Leader and Coach. She specializes in self love and spirituality and is passionate about empowering others to use their voice and create long lasting happiness. She creates and facilitates different workshops as well as offering one on one coaching to help others create long lasting change.

Contact me here if you would like to be part of our next self love networking event!

Dr. Rose (Au Yeung) Honor, Acupuncture Physician, (DOM) Doctor of Oriental Medicine uses

Acupuncture, Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology(form of muscle testing), E-Stim (Electrical stimulation), Auriculotherapy (Ear Seeds), Supplements, Herbs, Homeopathics, Eden Energy medicine,  NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique), NRT – Nutrition Response Testing, NET – Neoro Emotional technique,Theta-Healing,  the “Genius BioFeedback system”  that measures the energy within your body)  as well as other natural therapies to balance body, mind, and spirit.


Christine Lee Photography specializes in family and high school senior photography. Her goal is to show other mothers the beauty that is inside them that shows through their love for their children. She uses photography to uplift mothers, high school senior girls, and women entrepreneurs, to help them see the unique beauty they have; to show them the light that shines within them.

Raise The Collective, founded by Angela Fernandez, holds the intention of assisting in the ascension of humanity – through the evolution of the individual. To assist you on your journey RTC offers complimentary videos on enlightenment, Reiki healing, Sound therapy, Intuitive Oracle and Tarot card readings, as well as personal training sessions.

                                           Sophia Livshitz

QHHT Level 2 Practitioner.

QHHT is a hypnosis technique that was developed by Dolores Cannon over 45 years ago.  The technique involves inducing a person to the deepest level of hypnosis possible known as the Somnambulistic state of trance.  Each individual experiences that same state of trance twice a day: before we wake up and right before we fall asleep, therefore, it is familiar to our bodies and not unusual to be in.

While an individual is in the state of trance the practitioner guides the client to access the all-knowing part of ourselves that can be called the Higher Self, the Soul or Intuition. Our Higher Self is the part of us that is always connected to the Source or God. It contains infinite knowledge about ourselves and is able to heal the physical body as well as any emotional traumas.

Amanda is a sales specialist for Hero brand CBD. She firmly believe in working in an industry that you are passionate about. She was lucky enough to discover Hero. Hero has a plants over pills mindset that correlates with her holistic lifestyle.|
Amanda strives to help individuals deal with illness through a holistic approach. She has a degree in Energy Medicine through University of Central Florida and she is currently working on achieving her reiki level 1.

Divine Harmony Yoga

Lisa Kennedy is a CYT-200 Certified Yoga Instructor offering gentle and restorative yoga classes for students of all levels. Her focus is on balancing the body, mind, and spirit incorporating Chakra Balancing, Meditation, Aromatherapy, and Sound Healing to help bring peace and harmony to all who practice with her.

We are located at:

1104 N Parsons Ave.
Suite E
Brandon Florida 33510

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